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Ninjago Series Inspirations

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I receive my inspirations from so many different sources, some you may not understand how, but here they are. :)

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Key Locations in Ninjago along with Chosen Themes

Some of the locations are actual locations in Ninjago while others are strictly fictional. The themes that I have chosen for these places are for my own enjoyment and inspiration and belong to their respected creators. Please enjoy!!

Sasha's hometown: Poseidonia… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 7 ost Costa De Sol

Kai and Nya's hometown: Ignacia *real location*… starting from 0:55 and loops (couldn't find the title of said song)

Jay's home in the Sea of Sand *real location*… or if link doesn't work Ratchet and Clank 2 ost Tabora Mining Area

Cole's hometown: Temblor… or if link doesn't work Assasin's Creed 2 ost Home in Florence

Ebony's hometown: Twilight City… or if link doesn't work Kingdom Hearts 2 ost Sacred Moon

Zane's birthplace: laboratory (located in Birchwood Forest east of Malcalania Forest)… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 8 ost Find your Way

Dominique's hometown: Ninjago City *actual location*… or if link doesn't work Kingdom Hearts ost Traverse Town

Ayane's hometown: Shika… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 10 ost Servants of the Mountain

The Destiny's Bounty:… or if link doesn't work Ninja Gaiden ost Monastery Destroyed

The Forest of Ramza:… or if link doesn't work Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Forest Temple

Music is one of my most inspirational sources to go to for my fanfiction. I hope you've enjoyed these fine tunes and I'll probably add a few more down the line once more locations are revealed. :D

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In-Depth Ninjago Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 16, 2015, 8:43 PM
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How well do you pay attention to what's happening on Ninjago? Take this quiz to find out if you are a stalwart fan! Or if you're just bored...


!) How many Elements are there in the Ninjago universe? 

        A) 12

        B) 23

        C) 20 

        D) 18

2) The First Spinjitzu Master is Sensei Wu and Garmadon's father and he created Ninjago the island, but NOT Ninjago the World.

        A) True

        B) False

        C) Both

        D) Neither

3) How did Kai prove that he could conjure smoke in NinjagoL REBOOT? Thus proving that his match-up against Ash, the Master of Smoke, was more or less one-sided.

        A) By creating a smokescreen to disrupt the evil nindroids' sensory vision

        B) By blowing a smoke ring in the shape of a heart around a girl's face

        C) By creating a cloud of smoke to help him and his fellow Ninja sneak inside Borg's Tower

        D) By farting smoke and making everyone faint

4) How did Sensei Wu betray Sensei Garmadon in the past? (Hint: It was very bad.)

        A) By stealing the sword their father gave Garmadon and claiming it for himself

        B) By kissing Misako despite knowing she was in a relationship with Garmadon

        C) By writing Misako a love letter despite knowing she was in a relationship with Garmadon

        D) By planting the Great Devourer in the bushes outside their monastery home

5) What is Ninjago THE ELEMENTAL TOURNAMENT a parody of?

        A) Bruce Lee's ENTER THE DRAGON
        B) Jackie Chan's RUMBLE IN THE BRONX
        C) Jet Li's HERO

        D) Tony Jaa's THE PROTECTOR

6)  Who was the VICTIM during the Jay, Nya, and Cole love triangle? (Hint: An easy question that a lot of people get wrong.)

        A) Lloyd

        B) Nya

        C) Cole

        D) Jay

7) Who were the two people at FAULT during the Jay, Nya, and Cole love triangle? (Hint: An easy question considering if you got the top one right.)

        A) Jay and Cole

        B) Jay and Nya

        C) Nya and Cole

        D) Nya and NYA

8) Why did the creators decide to "scrap" P.I.X.E.L.? (Hint: This one is just for fun, don't take it seriously. A freebie)

        A) Her character was too ugly and boring
        B) Her character was too monotone and cryptic

        C) Her character was too bland and uninteresting

        D) Her character was too fat. PERIOD.

9) Lloyd undergoes MAJOR character development from season 3 onward.

        A) True

        B) False

10) What dark recurring THEME is constantly broadcast, but subtly obscured throughout the Ninjago seasons? (Hint: If you answered most of these questions correctly, then you already know the answer.)

        A) Regret

        B) Lust

        C) Greed

        D) Betrayal

Those who choose to take this quiz, I will send you the answers via PM. Hope you enjoyed!   

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"She is rather small, isn't she? The frail equivalence of a baby bird."

"Do you believe that she is too frail, Haruka? Too frail to train upon the holy grounds of Arcadia?"

"No, because it has always been deemed possible to make alterations to the physical body. I do believe, however, that she lacks discipline. She's been emotionally pampered her entire life and that will take some time to correct. I am ready, willing, and able though, to complete the task set before me by the Celestial. As I am sure you are in regards to your task with Lloyd, Wu."

"Yes. Time is short now. The "Wayward Soul" has already obtained the Forbidden Blade, Tsukuyomi, and is now currently en route for the Underworld…to break the Seven Seals and liberate the Agamemnon."

Voices… All I can hear are these voices. I don't recognize them, and all I can see is darkness. But…there's only two voices I can differentiate—a man and woman. Yes, one as light and crisp with a hearty edge like a summer's breeze. And the other, deep, warm and soothing—like hot soup in my stomach on a cold winter's night.

Wait…my stomach…? That's right. The searing hot pain that had radiated from it…it's gone. I had heard Ayane's voice in my head—praying for me and Lloyd's safety and protection—before I was swallowed up by this darkness. But…what now? Am I unconscious? Am I…dead…? Maybe the voices know…this "Haruka" and "Wu". I should just continue to listen…and try to make sense of what they're saying.

"Brother… By taking up Tsukuyomi, his appearance has altered once again. He now resembles the brother I've always known. Surely he is not gone. His soul has not suffered further corruption, has it? He is not beyond salvation…"

"Each and every individual has their own destiny, Wu. It is only when the threads of fate connect and weave other souls to one another that destiny becomes ambiguous. Now…we should hurry and finish our preparations. For when the Phoenix awakens from her slumber, her destiny shall truly begin in earnest."

"Yes, let us prepare for their arrival. The Phoenix and the Dragon will both be here soon…"

The voices ebb from my mind and I'm—at once—allowed to open my eyes. The mysterious glowing text on the ceiling greets me, its bold sunset hue a welcome sight to behold. "This is my room—the Phoenix's room," I whisper to myself. "I was just asleep…"

My hand reaches under my shirt and I use my fingertips to tentatively feel across my stomach. The protruding flesh of scar tissue under my fingers makes me tremble, and I swallow nervously as I feel the entire length of it. "I should be dead…but Ayane saved me with her prayer…"

I let my hand rest fully against my stomach and try to recall exactly what happened before I blacked out. Fear is the first thing I remember. Yes, I was cornered by a tall and terrifying crimson aura, the sound of hissing all around me. A snake, some type of human-like snake had broken into the Bounty, and Dusk had tried to…

"Dusk!" I sit up in flash and look frantically around me. A soft whine comes from my left and I turn to see my best friend curled up at my side. "Oh Dusk…" I pick him up gently and stroke his head. He had been so brave and tried his best to protect me. "Are you okay?" I press my fingers into his fur to feel for any injuries. I search his entire body thoroughly but can find none. He must've been healed too.

I hug my fox friend close. The whole thing had been so scary, but we weren't alone. Our friends were with us: Ebony, Nya, and…

The door to my room suddenly creaks open and I look up to see a brilliant emerald-green aura with onyx leaves swirling around inside, in the shape of a young boy. "Lloyd!" I hurriedly but gently put Dusk down on the bed and leap to my feet.

"Dom? You're awake?" Thrilled to hear his voice, I run the short distance to him and throw my arms around him in a hug. He stumbles back and I hear the sound of something hitting the floor, but I don't care. I remember everything now! Lloyd had been with me through it all. He protected me and fought courageously. I knew he was strong, but to see him use that strength firsthand—and see his aura change as he employed the power of the Natural Elements inside him—was simply amazing! Scary…but amazing!

But I knew he had been hurt too. I feel his hands touch my lower back, but I can tell from his touch that he's unsure…just like he was in the Command Room. I lean back to look at him.

"Are you okay?"

I blush when I realize we had spoken in unison. "Um…I am fine, Lloyd. Thank you so much. I would have been…lost without you."

His hands remove themselves from my person, but I keep mine on his shoulders. "What are you thanking me for?" He grumbles angrily. "I didn't do anything."

"What…?" Surely he realizes that without him, I would've died. I may owe Ayane a great deal, but I owe Lloyd the most. "Lloyd…you protected me…"

"No, I didn't!" He snaps back, and the green of his aura flickers in rage and sadness. "I couldn't, just like everyone else couldn't. And that's why you're going back to Ninjago City—where you belong. The Bounty is already on its way, so we'll be there in a day or two."

I blink. Stare at him, and then blink again. Lloyd is wrong. He's so wrong. I understand that he and most likely everyone here is worried about me, but whether or not to stay is my decision. And I made it…and I'm sticking to it. Besides, I remember when I felt that searing hot pain from my stomach…I had screamed…and Lloyd did too. But even in my pained state, I felt something immeasurable from him—gargantuan power. He saved me, I know he did! Because in the back of mind, I had felt safe, comforted, and…cold?

I shake my head. "But Lloyd—"

"And stop with that!" He suddenly shouts and jerks away from me. "I'm not Flaragon, and you're not Aurora! I'm Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, and you're Dominique Carmelita Montoya Vega! This stupid madness stops now! The only reason I came here at two o'clock in the freakin' morning was to rub this stupid ointment over your scar—the one I caused, in case you've forgotten! So just get back in bed, shut your mouth, and let me do my job!"

I stare at Lloyd worriedly. To say he was "stressed" at the moment would be a severe understatement. The black leaves inside his aura were swirling around in anxious abandon, and his shoulders rose and fell rapidly as he took each and every breath.


It's strange, but…I have grown used to Lloyd's harshness—it's familiar. We've only been in each other's company for three days, but somehow…it feels like I've known him for ages. I don't know what this means, but that's why I want to stay. Aurora's spirit…I feel that it does, in fact, lurk inside me—showing me images of times long past amongst friends…as well as enemies. But I have never once felt like I was being influenced by her. My decisions are my own. My will is my own. And I will follow my own path regardless of any mortal peril I may come across. No matter how scary it is. My hand unconsciously comes up to rest on my stomach. I want—need to read the text that lines me and Lloyd's walls. I need to know Aurora and Flaragon's story. It's important. And so…

Wordlessly, I turn back around and return to my bed. I ignore the muttered, "Good." from Lloyd and gather Dusk in my arms. I do not get back into bed. Pursing my lips determinedly, I face Lloyd again.

"Lloyd, I owe everyone here…my life…es—especially you. But I want to stay… I told you that. Just because I...I…" My scar feels like its burning, as if reminding me it's there, but I force myself to say the words. "…I almost died…does not mean I quit and run away." I stare at him with as much strength and resolve I can muster. "I do not want to be…a…a coward."

Lloyd suddenly raises his hand and I guess, slaps his forehead. "You dork! How can preserving your own life be called, being a "coward"? By going back home, it shows that you care about your life, and that you have common sense!"

I open my mouth to argue, but a sharp gasp escapes me instead.


I cannot answer Lloyd…because there is a man standing right behind him. And what's so startling is…is that I can see him! I mean I can actually see him! I can see the color of his eyes, the color of his hair, his skin tone, what he is wearing! I can see it all!

"Dom? What is it? Why are staring passed me?"

Great Lord Celestial…! How am I…? Goodness…!

There is only one word I can think of to describe the man standing behind Lloyd…majestic. His long robes of white and gold sway in an unfelt breeze. His neatly styled short hair is a beautiful shade of blonde—almost white but not quite. His eyes are sharp yet gentle as he gazes down at Lloyd, the pitch black depths appearing to hold ageless wisdom. But the most splendid detail about the man's appearance…was his wings. Two shimmering, snow white wings proudly encircled the man—no, the angel. I'm sure of it.

"An angel…" I whisper, but somehow Lloyd hears me.

"What? An angel? What are you talking about, Dominique? What do you see?"

The male seraph closes his eyes briefly and grimaces as if in pain before turning and walking out of view from the doorway, leaving falling feathers in his wake. Lloyd approaches me, but I step quickly around him and run for the door.


I stop in the doorway and look down the hall where the angel was still making his ghostly trek. He seems to be heading for the Kunoichi side of the ship, but he doesn't turn around the corner. Instead, he continues to walk…and passes right through…a now glowing door of whitish-gold. I can still see a trail of glimmering feathers on the floor, but when I bend down to touch one, they evaporate into tiny sparkles of white.

My heart is pounding, I feel compelled to follow the angel. And so I take a step, only to be halted by Lloyd's hand on my shoulder.

"Dom…what is it?" He asks lowly, but I can't form the words to answer his question. All I know is that I want him with me. He has to be by my side—it's important.

I keep my hold securely on Dusk and take Lloyd's hand. "Come with me," I say and resume my following of the angel. The trail of feathers disperses into luminous specks of crystals as we move forward and the sight is beyond breathtaking.

If only Lloyd could see this… Again I wonder about the true value of my sight, but dispel the thought for now. We stop before the door the angel passed through and I release Lloyd's hand in order to reach for the glowing knob when he grasps it first.

I turn to look at him, the brilliant green of his aura dim with deep sadness and uncertainty. "This is my uncle's room," he says quietly, and I feel his eyes on me—looking into mine. "If you want to go in here then fine, but don't mess around with anything, okay?"

I nod. "Okay."

He turns the handle and pushes the door wide open. His hand deftly resumes its hold on mine and he leads me inside.

I spot the angel's lustrous form immediately upon entering. Sort of hard not to... His shimmering back is to us, his lovely white wings moving every now and then.

"He is here," I whisper urgently to Lloyd, and his hand tightens on mine.

"Who? Who? I don't see anyone!"

"Shhh! No owl…" I glance back at the angel to see if we had disturbed him, but he hadn't twitched or even acknowledged our presence. I face Lloyd.

"Lloyd, what does your uncle—umm…look like?"

"What does it matter?" He asks, bewildered. "You can't see faces anyway."

I worry my bottom lip, not knowing how to explain my new and eerie development. "I know, but…I can see his," I try, nodding in the angel's direction. A sort of sonic tremor reverberates through Lloyd's aura—maybe a sign of shock—and the black leaves swirl restlessly.

"What are you saying? That you can see the ghost of my uncle?" His voice trembles before giving way to awe. "He's here?!"

"Lloyd…" What should I do? I don't want to get his hopes up. After all, this is my very first time seeing a person's face and such. So I have no idea if this angel is indeed Lloyd's uncle or not. I glance at the ghostly figure once more then back at Lloyd and decide to go for it. I keep a firm hold on Lloyd's hand and lead him cautiously towards the distracted seraph until I can see his profile. We are now within a mere arm's length of the holy being.

I swallow down my nervousness and describe to Lloyd the man's face. "What? That doesn't sound like Sensei Wu at all. My uncle was old not young, Dominique," Lloyd says after I give him the most defining characteristics of the angel. I deflate with disappointment at the verdict, but have to give pause at the name.

Sensei Wu…? Oh! That's right!

One of the voices in my dream, one of them had been a man named "Wu" and the woman—"Haruka". It's funny…even though my English isn't very good I had understood what they were saying easily…even if it was confusing.

I glance up at the tall figure, his expression… I try to mirror it by scrunching up my face like his.

"Dom…? What are you doing? What's wrong? Why do you look like that?"

I let my features relax. Yes…he's troubled. That's what a "troubled" expression looks like. I return my sights to Lloyd and a sudden urge rushes through me… I want to see Lloyd's face. What expression does he currently have? What color is his hair? What color are his eyes?

For some odd reason, my heart begins to pound and my cheeks grow hot. I instantly recall the emotions I had felt in the Command Room. I had been so scared for Lloyd then, but his unshakable bravery and determination had seeped from his aura in waves…and touched my own heart. And despite his harsh tongue, I'll forever remember the feeling of being in his arms, his gloved-palm against my cheek as he wiped away my tears. It had felt wonderful and familiar—and foreign—all at the same time.

Ai caramba, chica… I guess…this is what it feels like to have a crush on someone. But—he cares, I know that, but…is the "limit" to his caring really only out of obligation and responsibility? I focus on the warmth of the hand firmly grasping mine.

Ah…why am I thinking about this now…? I shake myself mentally and answer Lloyd's question. "It is what…his face looks like," I clarify, yet again scrutinizing the troubled angel. "He is…right here…beside us…"

"Right…here…?" Lloyd lifts his hand and reaches for the space the angel is occupying, but it passes right through him. "Hmm…"

"Yes," I nod. "Lloyd…what is right here, on this wall?" The angel appears to be touching something right in front of him.

"It's a portrait of my uncle…" he says, his voice once again falling into that forlorn yet respectable pitch. "…Cole made it in tribute to him…"

The angel's hand slowly slides down the surface of the painting, and his chest suddenly expands as he heaves a deep sigh. I let out a small "Eep!" when he suddenly turns and locks eyes with me, but his black depths pierce me with nothing short of kindness. I watch with wide eyes as he dips his head, as if confirming something, then in a brilliant flash of white…he's gone.

What…? He's gone…but his handprint isn't. It still remains—colored in glowing gold—on the painting of Lloyd's uncle. I lick my dry lips and gingerly let go of Lloyd's hand.


It only takes a few steps for me to stand in the place the angel was previously, and without hesitation I place my hand on the large, golden impression…

"*GASP!*" White floods my vision, and I'm immediately assaulted by a slew of familiar voices. They all are talking at once, but I try my hardest to set them apart.

"With the power of Light and Dark awakened, you will be able to see and communicate with the dead, and listen to words said past. I've asked Wu to give you a small test to measure your affinity with these two elements. Now, my little baby bird, prove to me you have what it takes to grow into a Phoenix."

Haruka…? It was her voice that rang out over all the others, but I have no time to dwell on the mystery of her involvement, only her words. Okay! I will…I will try my best! I try to focus, but the voices only get louder and more confusing, until my head starts to throb and pulse with pain. I can feel my legs start to wobble, and my hand slides down from the portrait.

/Aww, rabbit dung! Why is the floor getting closer?! I'm trying to sleep here! Don't you dare fall on your tail, Dominique! Lady Haruka is already talkin' smack and you haven't even met her yet! You're not going to let her get away with that, right?!/

My body goes rigid with shock at the sound of this new, spunky voice. And the strange thing is that it doesn't come from my mind like all the others. No, this one is from deep within me—from my spirit, and I know just who it is.


"*Whine—YAP YAP!*"

/Grr! I hate it when that happens… Glad you can hear my voice now though. Unlocking two elements must've had something to do with that. First Darkness, and now Light—you're gettin' stronger D!/

Wait, when did I unlock Light? I don't remember…

/When you heard Ayane's prayer, of course. Hearing it awakened the Light that was already in you. It was your power that healed you, not hers./

What…? But—But I can't feel the presence of Light in me.

/That's because Darkness is still the more dominant of the two right now and is really hard to control. That's why we've been feeling so drained as of late. Listen, it's just what Lady Haruka said, the power of Darkness is the one that helps you see and communicate with the dead—among other incredible things. You saw the archangel a moment ago—the Green Booger's dead uncle—Sensei Wu. But it's obvious he was being generous in letting you see him, because let's face it, you weren't exactly looking for dead people, plus you haven't had a lick of training yet. Bah! I won't go into specifics, just know that it's time to balance out Darkness with Light to pass this test and also make you feel better. Now, when calling forth the Light within, you'll be able to hear dialogue that was said in the past. Don't ask me how far back, because I haven't a clue. Do try it out whenever you see a golden handprint in the environment though, you might find out some useful info. Now chop-chop! Bring forth the power of Light and sort out all these pesky voices. My skull is starting to hurt!/

Yes, I understand, but…so that was Sensei Wu…

/Yeah, yeah—you can tell the swamp insect all you know later. Right now, focus!/

With renewed focus and determination, I heed Dusk's advice and concentrate. The Darkness within me is near overpowering, but beneath the powerful shroud is a brush of warm light. It is but a tiny speck inhabiting my soul. However, I cling to it as best I can…and pull. My headache is getting worst—the Darkness seeming unwilling to share.

Ebony, is this what you feel…? No wonder you are so strong… But please, I need balance… I cannot take all of this… Please help me…

With the Kunoichi of Darkness in my thoughts, I pull on the Light as hard as I can. And at once, it enlarges and brightens—splitting my soul—sharing my soul with Darkness. The convoluted mess of voices quiet, and separate into pairs, I keep my hold on Ebony and listen to her smooth and sultry pitch, her dialogue being shared with Kai.

"…Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You overdid it, babe. That's why."

"Thank you, but I'm fine."

"Physically maybe, but—"

"What Lloyd said didn't bother me."

"C'mon, you know I know you better than that. And weren't you taught never to lie?"


"Did he apologize to you?"

"Yes, though there was no need. You didn't have to talk to him on my behalf."

"Ebony, I want to make myself clear. I don't care about your Aga blood or that you're Garmadon's daughter. You're you, and you will always be the woman I fell in love with."

"…Kai, I don't doubt your words or anyone else's. I just…my power—I feel restless. I don't know what's happening to me."

"Is it the prophecy? Is it Garmadon?"

"I cannot say for sure. The voice doesn't sound like my father's, though it's indubitably male."

"Voice? What voice?"

"…In my dreams I hear a voice, but I can't make sense of what they're saying. Although, I feel I should… Ahh…"

"Your body still hasn't recovered from the battle yet, Ebony. What you need is sleep. C'mon, let's go to bed. We can talk more about this in the morning."

"Haha…Kai, the way you say things sometimes makes it seem like there's only one option, when you know there's not."

"Yeah, I know, but there's only one correct choice. Besides, you won't refuse me. I'm much too fetching."

"Hmm…that you are. Very well, I shall concede…this time."

Kai and Ebony's voices fade from my mind like the ending of a song, but there are still three pairs left—each waiting their turn. And so, I simply pick from the pairs who seem the loudest and most eager to let me hear their voices. The next—oddly—being Zane and Ayane.

"My dear, it has been a long and taxing day. Perhaps it is best for you to rest now."

"No. No Zane, I can't rest, because every time I close my eyes all I can see is that caravan full of dead bodies. How could we not have known something so heinous was going on?"

"We cannot be everywhere at once, Ayane. Our clan is not very big and our resources are limited."

"Goddammit! Why does it always come to this?! I hate feeling so powerless, Zane! I hate it!"

"Ayane, we cannot save everyone. As much as it pains me to say this, there will almost always be casualties in situations such as these. But you are not powerless. You helped save the women in children in Vash, and mended the broken that needed your Healing Touch. And that is most definitely something to be proud of."

"Oh Zane…I know I'm being illogical. It's just—*sniff*—I wanted to save them all."

"Yes, of course, moy angel. We all did. But there is still more you can do. You can pray for the fallen—pray for their spirits to reach Heaven unimpeded. And also pray for their remaining families and friends. The Power of Prayer is great, is it not? It saved Dominique."

"Yes… Yes, you're right. Please stay we me tonight, Zane. I need to feel your arms around me."

"Always, my dearest. Always…"

Such chilling words… I do not understand a lot of what I heard. And it has nothing to do with my poor English, it's the context. A lot must've happened when they all left to go on their missions and whatnot, and no one has yet to fill me in on the details. But perhaps Lloyd would know. I need to be sure to ask him once this is over.

With Zane and Ayane's exodus from my mind, I pull at one of the last remaining pairs. I recognize Nya and Jay's voices immediately, but am surprise to hear the latter sound so solemn and dispirited.


"Come on Jay, let's rinse out your eye again."

"Huh? Oh…okay…"

"Jay? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just… Sorry about wiggin' out earlier. That wasn't exactly a side of myself that I wanted you to see."

"What are you talking about? I've seen you at your best, and I've seen you at your worst. And that was mild compared to other times. Plus, I understood where you were coming from, and I shared your apprehension about going out there without a plan. No one wants to lose anyone else."

"Yeah… I'm really thankful for Ebony, yanno? If it wasn't for her and her plan I…I really don't think we would've survived that clash."

"I agree. There are a lot of things we don't understand or we know very little about. Concerning Ebony, Lloyd's terrifying dragon transformation, the Serpentine mutations, "Genesis"… It would seem we no longer have the advantage over the enemy."

"A lot's going on, but Nya, we will still have our day. And nothing and no one is going to take that away from us. Coming July 4th, we are going to get married and go on our honeymoon to Paradise Island. Just you wait! It'll be unforgettable!"

"Oh Jay…I thought I was supposed to be the one cheering you up?"


"…Your eye, Jay. You're really worried about it, aren't you?"

"Huh?! N-No! Not in the least! W-W-Why would you say that?! Heh…"

"Because I know you."


"Jay, it'll be fine in a few days. I know it will. You can relax."

"…I just don't want the guys to find out, especially not Cole. If he did, he'd watch over me as closely as he does Sasha. And the last thing I need right now is a babysitter. And Nya, please don't tell any of the other Kunoichi. My lil' sis has enough on her plate without worrying about me too."

"Of course, no one has to know. Now come on, after we finish up here we can go to bed. I'm exhausted."

"Me too. And let me tell ya, having you by my side when I fall asleep, and seeing your face when I wake up—it's heaven… Never forget how much I love you, Nya."

"Oh Jay…I feel the same way. But why are you—?"

"Let's go. I'm starting to feel like dead weight… Hmm…do we really have to wait until our wedding night to start trying for kids?"


"Hahahaha… Yanno you're even more beautiful when you blush, sweetheart."

It suddenly dawns on me that these conversations may be very private—some parts anyway. And that it may be very rude of me to listen to the things being said. But then…should I stop? There's only one pair of voices left—Cole and Sasha's. It seems too late for me to get all noble now, so I go ahead even out the tones of the two leaders.

"Sasha? You okay?"

"Yeah, I am… Today was a very horrible day, Cole."

"Yeah, tell me about it. First, Zane and Ayane reporting to us about the transformed Fangpyre. Then, the damn Constrictai sinking the entire village of Monsoon. And that's not even mentioning the madness that went on around here."

"But that just goes to show that we have very capable brothers and sisters here who can manage and pull together without us telling them what to do. And at least we were able to get the women and children out in time with Zane and Ayane's assistance. I know Rosemary will lead the remaining populace to Vash safely."


"But Cole, it makes me wonder if searching for Garmadon is really the best course of action at the moment. The Serpentine showed great boldness and advanced prowess today. We can't just ignore them now."

"Yeah, I know. I was just thinking about that. We have to bear in mind though that the Serpentine aren't part of the Prophecy of Phoenix, and Garmadon is our most likely suspect in being the "Wayward Soul" mentioned. And the fact that he's been MIA for the past couple of months is more than a little troubling. So this is what I think we should do. We'll stay en route for Ninjago City, and from there, find out Dominique's decision: stay or go… I'm not sure what will happen with the Prophecy if she does the latter, but…either/or, we replenish our supplies, and do a little digging around for any information about "Genesis" before we depart to begin searching for Garmadon."

"I understand. That's a good plan…"


"Nothing honey, I was just thinking that…this situation may become too much for us to handle alone. We're only a clan of nine—ten if Dominique stays—and it may be worthwhile to try to enlist the aid of some of the other clans—"


"—Like maybe the Zephyr or the Tsunami. Sensei Wu left us the list of the Elemental Ninja Clans and their locations. Maybe we should try improving our relationships with them. We may need their help in the future."

"Yeah, that's all well and good, but I think you forgot one very, important thing, amore. They don't like us. In fact, some of them hate us."

"Then we should change their opinion about us. We should send an Emissary of Peace to all the clans to act as our representative."

"Sasha, this isn't high school. This isn't a debate about whether who should be crowned the Prom Queen or King. This is the harsh, brutal world of Shinobi. These clans have been founded long before our time, and live by a very strict set of rules."

"…Why don't I go? I'm good with people, and maybe Ebony or Zane could accompany me. Their down-to-earth nature and diplomacy should work well in our favor is persuading the Clan Heads to join our cause. Yeah, I like this idea, don't you?"

"What?! Are you even listening to me?! No! You're not going anywhere! And I'll be damned if I ever have you set foot on Eclipse territory! They'll just hold you for ransom!"

"Cole, you're being ridiculous. The Eclipse aren't that bad."

"You're right, they're much worse! No Sasha, you're not going! Especially not in your condition!"

"My condition!? And what condition is that pray tell?!"



"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too."

"…I'll…I'll get a pregnancy test from Nya tomorrow…"



"Sasha…I have to say this… If you are, then…"

"I don't want to talk about this now. I'm tired."

"…*sigh*… Alright…we'll talk about it later… Can I ask for you to stay with me tonight?"

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"…You know that you are everything to me, Sasha."

"And you know that I am completely devoted to you, Cole."

Okay, I'm pretty positive I wasn't supposed to hear any of that…AHHH!

Without warning, sharp, agonizing pain pierces my temples. And at once, I hear Dusk's frantic, high-pitched voice screech from my spirit.

/Gosh Dominique, I'm sorry! You've been using your powers for far too long! You have to let up! I should've told you to watch it! Let go! Let go! Let go!/


/Oww! Not of me!/ He whines, but I'm too distracted by my pain to apologize.

"Dominique!" Lloyd's hands grab my shoulders when my legs give out from under me, and my vision—though swimming—returns to normal.

"It—It hurt…" I whimper as we both collapse to the floor. I lean back against Lloyd's chest for support and his arms encircle me. I hear Dusk's fretful whine and feel his tongue lick my legs.

"Damn, what just happened, Dom?" Lloyd asks in a harsh whisper. "You touched Sensei's portrait, and the next second you were frozen like a statue. I've been trying to get your attention for the longest."

"Lloyd…" I take several deep breaths in an effort to alleviate some of my pain and regain a sense of my bearings. "Lloyd…"

"Y-Yeah? What is it?"

There's so much I want to tell him, I want to share all of what I found out through the use of my powers. But I know what I want to reveal to him first. "The angel…that was here… That was your uncle—Sensei Wu."

"It was? You're sure?" The tremble in his voice had returned, and I have to wonder if he just might cry. "Then… Then why didn't he show himself to me? Doesn't he know how much I've missed him, and want to see him again?"

"Oh Lloyd…" The sadness in his voice is heartbreaking, and I can just imagine how his aura may look. I want to turn around and hug him—to comfort him, but my body feels so heavy with fatigue that I can barely turn my head, much less lift my arms.

"Lloyd…you can…you will…" The "Wu" in my dream and the "Sensei Wu" in the form of an angel are one in the same. I'm sure of it. And in my dream "Haruka" had said that there was a "task" given to Wu by the Celestial in regards to Lloyd…as there was one given to her in regards to me.

I close my eyes and continue to fight through the lingering pain as I collect my thoughts. What are the holy grounds of Arcadia?

"…How do you know, Dom? No, never mind…don't answer that. You're not feeling well, are you? C'mon, I'll take you back to your room."

Before I can say anything else, Lloyd repositions himself and scoops me up off the floor without any effort. My cheeks burn with embarrassment at being handled by him in such a loving way, but I can't relish in the experience. Dusk had blocked our path and was growling furiously up at us.

/Dominique, have you forgotten Lady Haruka's challenge already?! Have you heard any congratulations yet?! No! Because she is still watching you—waiting for you to prove how strong you are! No matter how much pain you go through or how tired your body might feel, you have to stand on your own two feet! You have to prove your resolve to become the Phoenix of Prophecy!/

"Dusk…" He's right. He's absolutely right. I didn't want to be weak anymore. I didn't want to be a coward—and I still don't!

"What's wrong with your little, pesky fox?" Lloyd asks, sounding mildly annoyed. "Tell him to move."

I purse my lips. "Put—Put me down, Lloyd."

"What? No, you're too weak to walk right now."

"No, I am not!" I yell, but have to check myself when a pulse of pain shoots through me. I breathe through my nose slowly. "I…I can. I can walk on my own two feet. So please…put me down."


After a moment or two, Lloyd sets me back down on my feet and Dusk instantly stops growling. I wobble a little unsteadily for a sec, but manage to stay upright. I can do this… I can… I take one step…and then another one. Dusk yips excitedly and prances around my legs.

/Yes! Yes! You're doin' it, D! You're doin' it!/

"Hmm, the baby bird appears to have talons after all. Well done."

Haruka—L-Lady Haruka, I correct respectively. Whoever this mysterious woman is, I have a feeling she's going to become a very important person in my life.

"Listen closely fledgling, it is time for you to come to me. You and Wu's nephew…"

Lloyd? I stop and lean heavily against the doorframe. The short trek here has caused sweat to pepper my forehead. Each breath I take is with exertion. He and I are going to the same place—to the holy grounds of Arcadia? But…how are you connected to Sensei Wu? Are you…gone…too…?

"All will be explained once you've arrived. Now listen, the two of you must venture to the Bounty's deck, and have Lloyd call for his dragon, Tengri. Once he comes before you, you two must simply state that you're ready, and he'll bring you to me—to us."

Dragon? Another one? The only dragon I had met was Sasha's Guardian, Nagendra, and her aura was simply beautiful and…watery, just like Sasha's.

"Yes, dragons are mystical creatures with the ability to "cross-over" into supernatural planes. They can pierce the deepest ground to the Underworld, and they can pierce the highest cloud to Heaven. Now go, with haste."

To Heaven?! I'm going to Heaven…with Lloyd?! What am I supposed to do? Just ask him to come with me? I…don't think he will…

"Butterflies are very social…he'll come with you."

I'm not sure what butterflies have to do with me and Lloyd, but I don't question her. Instead, I ask about what I want to know the most.

Will I…be able to see my parents…?

I wait for an answer, but none is given. I don't despair though. After all, "no answer" doesn't necessarily mean "no". Mommie…Daddy… It would be nice to actually see them like I saw Lloyd's uncle… A hand suddenly falls on my shoulder and I soon realize that Lloyd is by my side.

"Dom, what's going on with you? Talk to me."

I would hardly call Lloyd a butterfly, but…here goes nothing. "Lloyd…it seems…I-I will be leaving…now."

"So you changed your mind? Oh…" His aura is hard for me to decipher. Is he happy or sad? I can't tell by his voice either. "Th-That's good, I—"

I shake my head. "No Lloyd…I am not…going home. I… There is somewhere else…I must be…"

"What? Dom, what are you talking about? You're not making sense."

I smile. "I am…not the Phoenix…not yet. I am just…a baby bird—still within the safe…and comfort…of the nest. What h-happened yesterday…needed to happen. Everything…happens…for a reason. I needed to know…just how danger—dangerous…this path could be…" I stand up straight, no longer wanting to use the doorframe for support, and take Lloyd's hand instead. "Lady Haruka…is waiting for me…just like your uncle…is waiting for you…"

"Where…?" He asks softly, and I reply just as soft.

"On the holy grounds…of Arcadia… We can go to them… Tengri—your dragon…knows the way. All we must say to him…is that we are ready… Will you come with me, Lloyd…?"

I can easily feel his eyes bore into mine, and his hand is lax and unresponsive in my grip. "I don't agree with you—that you needed to get hurt. But…a small part of me—a very small part of me—admires you for wanting to see this through." His hand finally responds and grips mine fiercely. "All right, count me in. If I can really see my uncle, then…I want to see him. Plus, someone has to look after you. You're way too reckless."

He sniffs and his other hand lifts up to his face as he turns away. I can't tell what he's doing, but I recognize the change in his aura: bravado. I happily giggle and shake my head. "Dusk."

/Yep! You better believe I'm comin'! I gotta get stronger too, so I can help you more!/

I catch him as he jumps up into my waiting arm, and together—all three of us—leave Sensei Wu's bedroom.

"Does he have to come?" Lloyd scoffs, his aura flaring slightly with irritation and grumpiness. "He's so annoying."

Dusk growls, having clearly understood. /I was going to ask you the same thing, Lizard Boy!/

"See? Annoying. Growling for no reason, it's not like he understands what I'm saying or somethin'."

I wonder if I should tell him. "Um Lloyd—"

"Hold on." We stop as we round another corner, and I immediately recognize the four aura-imbued doors. We are now on the Ninja-side of the ship. "We should keep quiet. We don't want to wake them."

"Why not?" I ask, bewildered. "Should we—um…not…tell them where…we are going?"

He faces me. "Do you think they would let us go if we did?"

I bite my lip. Probably not. Lloyd sucks his teeth and faces forward again. "Yeah, fat chance. They're the grown-ups and we're the children. Doesn't matter how strong we are, we still get treated and scolded as if we still wore diapers." There's a fair amount of distaste and anger in his voice, and I don't even have to look closely at his aura to tell if those black leaves were swirling around faster to express his revulsion. I know they are. "Frankly, I'd rather just tell my sister or Sasha, since they're the only ones who seem to—*sigh*…never mind. Let's just go, okay? We're wasting time."

I hold in a gasp of surprise when he suddenly picks me up again. "Lloyd…"

"Just for a second," he reasons. "You walk too loud."

Having no choice but to agree with that, I stay silent and stroke Dusk's head as we move forward. We make it passed the Ninja-side with no problem, but Lloyd still keeps me in his arms until we reach the deck doors. He places me back on my feet, and I look at him expectantly.

"What? I'm just—yanno…being extra careful and stuff. Like I said, you walk loud."

I don't argue, only nod. "Okay…" His eyes are on me again—staring without shame, and I feel my cheeks go hot at being so blatantly scrutinized. "Wha…? What is it…?"

It takes a moment for him to answer. "…I'd better keep a really good eye on you," he says again, and I blink. "You're too cu—naïve…uhh…never mind. C'mon…and stop questioning me."

This time he takes my hand, and we push open the doors leading to the outside. Being late spring, I'm not surprised that the nightly breeze feels warm with just a touch of humidity. I step a little bit closer to Lloyd's side. I don't want to admit I'm scared, but…this is where it happened. This is where I almost died.

I swallow thickly, feeling fear creep up my spine in cold pricks. I can almost hear the hissing in my ear, and my scar burns on my stomach. I stop walking, my eyes clenching shut. It was so scary! I was so scared. Dusk got hurt and I was lifted so high up into the air, and then—

/Try not to think about it./ Dusk's warm tongue licks my cheek and I open my eyes to look at him. /I know it's hard, but don't forget why we're here. We have a destiny to fulfill, and we're going to need all the bravery and mettle we can muster. Keep your promise to yourself. You wanted to become the Phoenix, right? Well, facing one's fears is the first step to—HEY!/

Lloyd's hands grip my shoulders as he stands in front of me. "Try not to think about it, Dom."

/I already said that you giant praying mantis!/

"Don't worry; I won't fail in protecting you again."

/She doesn't need protecting you glob of snot! Now move it! You're blocking the—Mydnyte…?/

The strange one-sided conversation comes to an end at Dusk's breathless murmur of Ebony's cat's name. Somewhat distracted, I nod my head at Lloyd. "Okay." And he steps away, releasing me. I can then see her—Mydnyte's moon dust aura is sitting idly on the deck, as if she was calmly waiting for us.

"Um…what is Mydnyte doing here?" I ask Lloyd and he shrugs.

"I think she prefers being outside than inside, dunno really."

Dusk squirms in my hold. /Hey um…let me down for a sec, okay? I need to—um…go to her./

I don't know what's gotten into Dusk, but I set him down as he requested. His tail wags a bit as he trots over to her and sits down right in front of her. My gaze on the animal pair is broken as I suddenly hear strong beats of wings and guttural growls.

Lloyd takes my hand again. "There they are…"

I look around the flying Bounty and spot gargantuan auras against the grey sky—dragons. One, two, three—I count four that I can see, and my mouth falls open as I come to realize how identical their auras are to the Ninja. Sapphire veins of lightning surges through a deep blue one as he opens his great maw and…howls with laughter?

"Hah hah, it's not my fault your name sounds like an anti-depressant, Zoxsom! Hah hah!"

I turn my head at the answering growl, the beautiful, snowy white of this dragon's aura instantly reminding me of Zane. "I'll have you know that I was named after my great grandsire, who was once a renowned war tactician and—"

"Tail chaser!"

The gray sky becomes ablaze with ruby fire, and a cacophony of guffaws sound through the air at this—burning dragon's timely jibe.

"Good one, Ryadron," the lightning dragon snickers, but Zoxsom—the ice dragon—growls heatedly.


Cole…Earth… This dragon's bronze and gold girth seems to be the biggest I've seen, and I watch as he lets loose a short commanding roar before flying out of my line of sight. However, I can still hear his deep, imposing rumble.

"Stop lollygagging! We're supposed to be on patrol, or did you all forget? Hmm? Virtozz?"

The lightning dragon groans. "Yeah, yeah… Say Alphadrake Tetra, has anyone ever told you that you were the life of the party? Because if so, they were lying directly to your face!"

Virtozz's ribbing at Tetra's expense causes another round of rambunctious laughter to explode throughout the atmosphere. I guess we kinda walked in on a conversation…or teasing, as it were. My heart becomes light. The dragons remind me so much of the Ninja that it's almost uncanny.

"Ugh, and how many seasons are you now?" Tetra snipes back. "Still a smart-mawed hatchling…"

"By the way oh great and powerful Alphadrake," The sarcastic, sing-song cadence of Ryadron's growl is a dead giveaway to more teasing. "Where's the lovely Nagendra, huh? Why hasn't she come out to greet us? Or more specifically…you."

"Alphadrake Tetra is the only one without a mate back home," Zoxsom chimes in, speaking Tetra's name as if the earth dragon wasn't around anymore.

"Yeah, I know right?" Virtozz growls in an obviously fake whisper. "Even though he can pretty much have his pick of any female, he's still holding onto the untouchable, the unattainable—Leviathan's first affectionately chosen Guardian, the undisputed vision of absolute loveliness amongst his hatchlings…Nagendra."

I cock my head curiously. Tetra has feelings for Nagendra?

"Spread out to patrol!" Tetra suddenly booms, powerful and absolute. "We'll meet up back here in one moon passage! Tengri, stay here!"

In great gusts of wind made by their wings, the surrounding dragons disperse in multiple directions without another word. Although I thought I heard Virtozz mutter: "Guess he doesn't want to talk about it…" before he left.

"Tengri!" Lloyd shouts, and I turn around just in time to see the beginnings of brilliant green horns rise into view from the side of the ship. As soon as the rest of the dragon's large head becomes visible, he belts out a friendly howl.

"Ah Milord, I see you are well rested…" Warm wind ruffles my hair as he breathes deeply through his nostrils. "And Milady, I am most celebratory to see you recovered and about." His long snout inches closer towards us and I press my palm against the warm and somewhat rough scales.

"Oh—um… Hello, Tengri. It is a pleasure to meet you," I say, feeling a little shy at being called "Milady".

The emerald of Tengri's aura shines brilliantly as he purrs. "Hmm…you even smell like a Phoenix…truly marvelous! I can definitely understand why Milord was so smitten?"

"You're talking about Flaragon, right?" Lloyd retorts, crossing his arms and Tengri huffs—maybe a chuckle, the sound being a cross between a growl and a snort—and lifts his head.

"Of course, which is you. You are Lord Flaragon's reincarnation, Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon. As the little female beside you is the reincarnation of Lady Aurora. But unfortunately, I lack the authority to tell you more than that."

"Why?!" Lloyd demands vehemently. "This doesn't make any sense!"

"Yes, we—we have so many questions. Cannot you help, Tengri?"

He shakes his head. "I am sorry, Milady, but those answers cannot come from me. To learn more about your lineages, you must stand before the King of Dragons himself, Lord Bahamut. However, to reach the pinnacle of his throne, you two must first grow stronger."

"Which is why we're here," Lloyd counters, and his hand squeezes mine. I look to him and nod.

"We are ready." We say in unison, and Tengri goes stock-still.

"So…it is finally time…" he mutters, then returns our nod. "Very well, we mustn't keep the angels waiting then."

Tengri lowers his head again, and I turn to call to Dusk over my shoulder. "Dusk, we have to go now." My fox friend nuzzles Mydnyte affectionately before turning and running to me. He leaps up into my waiting arm and Lloyd helps me board Tengri's neck. Once settled, Tengri pushes away from the Bounty and hovers out of reach from the ship that had been my home for the last three days.

Three days…but still…it feels like home…

"Now! Let us pierce the heavens and soar to the holy grounds of Arcadia!"

Lloyd's hold on me is comfortable and secure, and I lay my head on his shoulder as we begin to fly higher and higher. The wind whips through my hair and a smile lights my face.

"Lloyd…" I whisper, but somehow…he hears me.


My eyes close on their own. "I need to tell you…all that I learned tonight…"

Power Of Aura Chapter 18
POWER OF AURA IS DONE! It's actually been done for awhile... Again, I apologize. Anyway, keeping with the plan we are gonna backtrack to the two remaining short stories we have yet to see and must be posted before the second book of Trials and Tribulations can be published. Which are: Praise Amaterasu and Zodiac! Yeah, baby! Oh! and please keep an eye on updates beginning next week for Chibijago! I will be posting a few entries that I have finished.

VP, over and out

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I recently got promoted at my job as head Vet Tech and was selected by one of my superiors to take on new challenges. And those said challenges are in Florence, Italy! 

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Elemental Dragon Names and Descriptions

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 11, 2015, 10:52 AM

Lloyd’s Dragon: Tengri

He shrieks to signal his deadly approach and has scales as turquoise as jade carvings and green as forest emeralds. He utilizes his Flare breath occasionally, but prefers the intoxication of CQC (Close Quarters Combat). His golden, razor-sharp claws and flashing white teeth make him a fearsome combatant.

Kai’s Dragon: Ryadron (Flame)

He howls like a banshee when scorching fire and his scales shine and glow like blood-red rubies under flames. His mane and tail consist of pure conflagration that shimmers and flicks off embers. When enraged, he ignites his entire body and attacks by charging and twirling, creating a blazing inferno.

Jay’s Dragon: Virtozz (Wisp)

Somewhat like a chameleon, Jay’s dragon changes shades of blues depending on his mood. He is very intelligent with dexterous claws. He is actually a competent crafter. He is the best flyer as well as has the loudest roar of the dragons. In combat, he can summon a single bolt of lightning to zap enemies from an extremely long distance for precision hits or utilize his Thunderstorm breath to strike multiple enemies on the battlefield.

Zane’s Dragon: Zoxsom (Shard)

He is a white dragon with scarred pearlescent scales that glow like the moon under water. He is quiet and dangerous, thorough and precise. His Blizzard breath consists of both freezing winds and chillingly sharp icicles. His wings are impeccably silent, allowing him to stealth-kill many of his enemies by dive-bombing them and slashing with deadly accuracy.

Cole’s Dragon: Tetra (Rocky)

Despite his earthly tones, his scales give a lustrous shine of bronze, black, and gold. He harbors deep feelings for Nagendra, the water dragon, but unfortunately the dragoness rebuffs him out of stubbornness and pride. He is the cunning leader of the dragons and utilizes brute strength above all else. The thick armor and horns along his head and snout allow him to charge through almost anything, and the heavily spiked-ball on his tail is utilized quite often in combat for strategic jabs or just relentless pummeling. 

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When I finally make it out onto the deck, the battle around the Destiny's Bounty is in full swing. War cries sing a threatening ballad through the air as weapons clash and clang in cacophonic dissonance. The stench of charred flesh and fresh blood is almost overpowering, and I quickly pull my hood back on to stifle the smell.

Ahead of me, I can see a wall of inferno in the distance, the flames herding and pushing constantly to the left, destroying and burning the ranks of Serpentine as they try to push through and get to its caster. The sky darkens and rumbles with thunder, and in a quick flash of white, blue bolts of lightning strike down from the heavens to my right. As for the left, I can see the large, royal purple funnels touch down from the dark sky. Twisting and engulfing various and multitudes of Serpentine in their wake and flinging them like ragdolls in the direction of the gaping ravine.

Everyone is using so much of their elemental powers in creating this destructive defensive line, but none of it would've been possible if not for the element of Darkness. Hundreds—maybe even thousands—of shadowy representations of my sister stretch far and wide across the battlefield. Kicking, punching, stabbing, and choking, the enemy around us, but that's not all they do. I have seen them defend also. Some of them have sacrificed themselves to save the others from what would be killing blows.

I smile happily beneath my hood. Ane, you are doing what you said you'd do… You're amazing!

I know right then and there that I want to see her in action. I look around once to make sure the deck is clear, and then make a dash for the back of the ship. I leap up onto the ship's cabin, take some strides forward, and that's when I see her far, down below, standing with her back against the rock wall of a gorge.

Menacing silver and black waves surround my sister's body and her mother's long black scarf blows majestically in the wind, but…

I peer at her form closer. Large leathery wings expand to their full length, and a long scythe-bladed tail sways gamely behind her.

Awesome! Ebony's in her Aga form! I've only seen it once and that was briefly during her Trial. And obviously the Serpentine have never seen her altered state, for they are hesitant to even come close to her, despite having her surrounded. Several foes either lay dead at Ebony's talons, or are impaled on the multiple outcropping around the area. She is in total control of this battle's flow.

I watch intently as a Venomari suddenly rushes her, but as he follows-through with an arcing swing of his sword, Ebony disappears in a wisp of slivery-black. She then materializes right behind the snake with her back to him, and simply runs him through the heart with her sai. She dislodges her weapon and the Venomari drops to the ground in a dead heap.

Ebony points her bloodied weapon at the rest of the gathered Serpentine. "Hear me now, Acidicus!" She yells out, her voice strong and brimming with fortitude. "Sound the retreat! Or would you send more your people to their demise?!"

I hadn't even noticed one of the Serpentine Generals was present, but now as I look for him, I can easily spot the long dark green tail of Acidicus as he slithers to the front.

"And you hear me, Demonesss!" He bellows, pointing one of his lethal pole axes at my sister. "This is far from over!" The axe is suddenly thrust up in my direction. "Look!"

Ebony whirls around, eyes wide and staring straight at me. "Lloyd! Look out!"

Huh…? I quickly turn around, feeling my senses prick. Oh Crap!

I narrowly evade the downward stroke of a halberd with a roll and quickly get back up to my feet. A female Serpentine stands before me, but…this is the biggest one I've ever seen! It had to be over seven feet tall from its golden helmed-head to its rattling tail! The golden armor is familiar as is that stupid whip-like tail, but what gets me is the new choice of weapon and shield. The heavier halberd granted much more power than a spear, although what it made up for in power, it lacked in maneuverability. The shield, however, is a different story altogether. It looks to be made out of pure energy and created a sort of diamond-shaped barrier with a large silver spike at its center.

The crescent blade of the halberd had embedded itself in the roof, but with a single powerful yank from that muscled, scaled-arm, the weapon extracts itself. The female hisses a threat and faces me once more.

"What mutant lab did you escape from…?" I growl just as the female launches itself in the air and aims another death-dealing strike at me. Too fast to evade, I cover my arms with the Earth element and lift them over my head to block the attack.

"Ugh! AHH!" The sheer downward force of her assault results in both of us crashing through the roof of the upper portion of the cabin.


That scream… Dust, broken beams, and steel platting are everywhere when I land hard on the grated floor. Precious wind flies from my lungs, but the sound of furious hissing has me scrambling hurriedly to my feet.


My eyes immediately affix on Dom and Dusk. "Dominique! Run! Run!"


"GYAAH!" The female's tail had cracked like a whip and collided with my chest, lifting me clean off the ground and throwing me against the bridge's computer screen. Glass cracks and sparks fly as I fall and roll off the console onto the ground. All I can register is pain, my head feeling like it's about to split open. I grunt and struggle to get some type of bearing as my vision dances for a bit. I get to my hands and knees.


I try desperately to follow the sound and find the towering female with her back to me, her focus…Dominique. Dom's back is plastered to wall, her eyes wide and fearful as she stares at the advancing female. Her entire frame shakes with terror and her arms are wrapped tightly around a viciously barking Dusk.

"Dom! Get going! Run!" I holler, but she doesn't make a move to escape, only trembles with fright. No, fear has gripped her! She can't move!

And then, Dusk does something that I'd never thought he'd do…he bites Dominique's hand. But fortunately, that does the trick. Dom yelps, coming out of her shock, and books it for the door. But the female moves fast to intercept. Dom flings open the door and the female runs right into it with a loud *CLANG!*

Dom gets out, but the female recovers with a quick shake of the head and slithers after her. I manage to climb to my feet, fighting through the blaring ringing in my head, and give chase. Dom is surprisingly fast but so is the female, for that big beehive of a rattle tail is already turning the corner outside the den.

"Dom!" I call out, turning the corner also and seeing nothing but the bulk of the female's back and its long pink tail. "Head deeper into the ship! It's big! Get to the Ninja hallway where it's narrower! That should slow it down!"

It's a good plan, at least. The ceiling gets a bit lower once the front hallway connects to the Ninja side of the ship. With how tall the female is, its maneuverability will be limited even more and I'll definitely have the advantage. I'll be able to kill it.

But luck doesn't appear to be on our side as the armored snake from Hell performs a classic hunting-reptile maneuver. It lowers its front almost to the floor while still gripping its weapon and shield, and jumps on the wall, sending some of Cole's framed artwork shattering to the ground. Slithering quickly, it manages to overtake Dominique and land in front of her, stopping her in her tracks.

I growl and pick up speed. Fine! We'll finish this outside then!

Dom is near the double doors leading out to the deck, so we'll head out. Probably better anyway to get this stupid snake-woman thing out in the open instead of playing ring-around-the-rosie with it and letting it wreck havoc on our home.

The female charges forward, but I'm already there. I grab Dom's arm and pull her behind me while simultaneously flinging open one of the deck doors. I smirk when I hear another satisfying *CLANG!* as the female runs right into it.

"Lloyd! Ahead!" Dom screams and I jerk my attention to the front. A Hypnobrai and a Constrictai are attempting to climb over the railings onto the deck. Hmph! Not on my watch!

I release Dom's arm and summon a ball of conflagration in my hands. "Get the hell out!" I thrust the flames gathered in my hands forward and shoot it at the Hypnobrai. The snake shrieks in pain and topples back over the railings in a scorched and blazing mess.

"Well if it isn't the Green Midget Demon," the Constrictai snarls and readies his battle axe. I don't bother with pointing out that he isn't much taller than me, and charge my body with the Lightning element.

"Lloyd!" Dom's fearful shout alarms me enough to slow my attack, and the short Constrictai takes full advantage of possibly landing a killing blow. Desperately, I pivot in a dodge and use my hips for momentum to launch a right hook at the flat side of the axe. If effectively connects, diverting the axe's direction, but because my body is not reinforced by the Earth element, I can literally hear and feel the snap, crack, and shatter of the bones in my hand and wrist.

The surge of electricity jumps from me to the weapon and fortunately to the wielder, and shocks him bad enough to send him flying and screaming off the Bounty. My right hand feels numb, the adrenaline in my veins most likely blocking the pain I'm supposed to be feeling.

I whirl around, but before I can take a step, I'm suddenly tackled to the ground by a Venomari. I roll and struggle furiously with the snake in an effort to throw him off, however my attacks are thwarted by him flipping me on my stomach and pinning my hands behind my back.

Angered and pained, I grit my teeth harshly as the snake's claws dig deep into my injured hand. My hood is forcefully pulled back and I'm brought to kneel on my knees.

"Who would have thought that such a little boy would become such a big nuisance-sss!" The Venomari hisses in my ear. "How do you like our new elite femalesss, boy? Impressive, yesss?"

Claws grab my hair and yank my head up, forcing me to look ahead. My heart pounds in terror at the scene in front of me. "Dominique!"

At my shout, Dominique glances frightfully at me and then back to the slowly approaching, now disarmed female as she retreats step by step towards a dead-end. Dusk is still in Dom's arms barking maniacally at the advancing reptile and even wiggling to escape his master's hold. And he does, and abruptly launches himself from her arms, mouth gaping wide, little fangs prepared to protect. But the female carelessly backhands the kit, and sends his small body flying through the air. Dusk lands on the deck with an agonized yelp and tumbles until he stops just a few feet in front of me.

I stare in hopeless mortification at Dusk's broken body, his legs barely twitching, as dark red blood trickles from his opened mouth.


My sight snaps ahead in time to see Dominique try to run towards us, but is caught by the back of the throat and lifted easily into the air by the female.

Dominique thrashes her legs around and claws desperately at the fingers around her neck.


"Ohhhh, why the look, boy? Were you planning to have that little girl as your future mate?"

My heart and the snake's voice sound loud in my ear, but I can do nothing but stare ahead as fresh tears start to flow from Dominique's eyes.

"Yesss…she is rather pretty, isn't she? How unfortunate that she is so young, for her beauty would've befitted a fine Serpentine bride if she were older… Perhapssss even mine…"

My voice is locked in my throat. I want so bad to reassure her, to guarantee that both of us are going to be okay…but I can't. I can only stare.

"Yesss, that'sss it… Don't blink now… Or you may missss it…"

I watch with horror as the female brings Dominique close to her and extends the claws on her other hand. Purposeful and deliberate, the female positions a single claw over Dominique's stomach.

My breathing had become harsh, and my body feels overheated. And at Dominique's next scream of pain, all I see is a starburst of red exploding before my eyes.



Lloyd's heart-wrenching scream at seeing Dominique's blood spilled upon the deck was completely inhuman. His eyes flared a deep blood-red as his body was completely engulfed in emerald and onyx fire, reducing the Venomari who held him to nothing but ash within seconds. The rocky terrain quaked and splintered further as the blazing green fires tainted by black hatred gradually took shape, and thus…Lloyd became a fearsome manifestation of a dragon! With a body of Fire, a tail of Earth, twin horns of Lightning, claws of Ice, and wings of Flare, the ancient dragon deity, Flaragon, was reborn!

The dragon's eyes burned a blood-thirsty scarlet and opened its flaming maw to release a mighty roar that echoed across the battlefield and split the very heavens in two. The female Serpentine dropped Dominique and slithered quickly to retrieve her weapon and shield, but Lloyd/Flaragon's enraged ruby gaze bore down on her, and he deftly snatched her up in his frigid claws.

"You…" he snarled bitterly.

Lloyd/Flaragon brought the struggling serpent right up to his face, before his bloody eyes. "You and every one of your despicable kind will DIE!"

With a menacing roar, Lloyd/Flaragon solidified the female and pulverized her body into bloody, frozen chunks, the crystallized pieces falling over the edge of the Bounty and into the wide zigzagging cracks of a bottomless crevasse.

Suddenly, more roars filled the sky, ones not made by Lloyd/Flaragon and the great deity cocked his head upward as five radiantly colored dragons soared into view.

Staying aloft, the dragons beat their powerful leather wings and hovered over the battlefield. "Milord!" One dragon shouted, his scales as turquoise as jade carvings and as green as forest emeralds. "We are here! What will you have us do!?"

"Kill them!" Lloyd/Flaragon bellowed. "Kill the snakes! KILL THEM ALL!"

"Geez… Someone's angry…" An azure dragon muttered, and used a pearly white claw to scratch idly at his snout. But one dragon zipped passed the others, his crimson panzer shining and glowing under the late afternoon sun like crushed blood-red rubies under flames.

"Ryadron! Wait!" A massive bronze dragon roared anxiously, but shook his horned head at the red one's fiery impulsiveness as he tore through the sky in battle-driven lust. "That flaming hot-head…" he growled, and then turned to the dragons flanking him. "Virtozz, Zoxsom, be wary of using your breath, our masters could be down there."

Virtozz, the sapphire dragon, cocked his head curiously. "Hmm, if only Ryadron would've heard that…" he said, his growl obviously sarcastic.

The Earth Dragon turned his glowing white eyes to the battlefield below and saw his feisty ruby-scaled comrade breathing raging conflagrations at the terrified and fleeing Serpentine, howling like a banshee all the while.

The Earth Dragon bared his fangs angrily. "Ugh! By Bahamut's wings, why does he have to be so frustrating!?" He roared. "Virtozz, Zoxsom, get down there! And fight carefully!" Blazing white scanned the rugged battleground with the supremacy of a war-hardened veteran. "Although, it appears the enemy is already on the retreat in an effort to limit casualties… Simple."

"Yes, Alphadrake Tetra!" The blue and white dragons respectively dipped their heads at the Earth Dragon and dived down to different parts of the battlefield. Tetra turned to the one left beside him.

"Tengri, you best go and see if you can rouse Lord Flaragon's reincarnation back to his senses. He is not in the right state of mind."

The emerald dragon inclined his head. "I shall do my best."

And with that, Tengri folded his wings and dived down towards the Destiny's Bounty, for Lloyd/Flaragon had not moved from the ship's head.


Lloyd/Flaragon snapped his flaring gaze in the landing dragon's direction. "What are you doing?!" He bellowed furiously. "Why aren't you helping with the purge!?"

Tengri approached the terrifying Elemental Dragon cautiously. "Milord, you are angry…"

"Really?! What tipped you off, Genius?!" Lloyd/Flaragon roared, flailing his Earth-imbued tail wildly behind him. The large spiked-ball at its tip slammed repeatedly against the ground, macerating boulders and creating craters. "Look what they did! Look what those vile serpents did to my precious Aurora!"

Dominique barely clung to life as she lay unmoving in Lloyd/Flaragon's claws. He handled her like a priceless porcelain doll, and tried futilely to wipe away the blood spilt from her mouth with the tip of his wing.

"I promised I would protect her, but I couldn't! And now…" The Dragon Lord suddenly threw his head back and roared his grief and sorrow to the heavens, causing the earth underfoot to once again tremble violently and the dark clouds of a thunderstorm to brew and gather overhead. At seeing a bolt of lightning split the glum from his lord's electric-surged horns, Tengri gave a huff of trepidation.

"Milord, I beseech you…" The emerald dragon tried again, inching closer. A roar of thunder bellowed menacingly overhead, and Tengri thought quickly. If the Dragon Lord fell further into the pits of despair, the results could be catastrophic for this realm. Lloyd/Flaragon could very well inadvertently cause Armageddon to befall Ninjago prematurely! "It is not too late. Lady Aurora's reincarnation needs you, but you cannot aid her in your current form."

"You mean…" Lloyd/Flaragon lowered his flaming head, his horns of Lightning no longer sending erratic jolts and bolts upward, "…she's still alive…?"

"Yes," Tengri whispered softly. "Listen…" The two dragons then leaned close to the fallen phoenix and sure enough, they could hear her breathing, however haggard it was.


Lloyd/Flaragon's crimson eyes widened incredulously. "You see?" Tengri persisted in the same soft tone. "Breath remains in her yet. She calls for you, Milord. She needs you."

Lloyd/Flaragon felt his heart beat vigorously. There was still time! He could save her! "D-Dominique…?"

And at once, all of the elements expressed outwardly in the form of the ancient dragon, receded into streams of their respected colors and returned to the core of Lloyd's soul. And the boy's human body reappeared from amongst the flames of green and black fire.


I'm not sure what happened to me earlier, but I don't have time to think about it now. I kneel down beside Dominique's prone body and cradle her head in the crux of my arm. My right hand is useless and decrepit, but I ignore that and the incredible pain emanating from it, and use it to staunch the flow of blood oozing from the deep cut going across her stomach.

"Dom… Dom…" My voice is crippled and weak, and tears blur my vision. "Dom…it's me, I'm right here. See?"

Her face is so pale, the soft honey glow all but faded. She grimaces in pain, but her eyes remain shut. "Dom…come on…c'mon open your eyes! I want to see them! Please, Dom!"

Her eyelashes flutter against her cheeks and I can tell she's struggling to do what I asked. She groans painfully, but finally those violet pools peak from under hooded eyelids. She visibly swallows with effort. "…Lloyd…?"

I can't stop the bright smile from plastering itself on my face. I let out a strangled choke of laughter. "Heh, yeah… I'm here, Dom. You're gonna be fine. Don't worry, okay? J-Just keep your eyes open for me."

"Great Sylph! Dominique! Lloyd!"

I look up to see Nya running towards us, her purple suit has multiple rips and tears in it as well as is a little dirty, but other than that she looks fine. She slides to her knees and stops on the opposite side of Dom, her eyes wide and fearful.

"She needs Ayane," I say in a rush. "Where are the others? Why aren't they here yet?!" My voice had steadily risen in volume until I was shouting anxiously, but Nya takes my outburst in stride.

"Kai and Jay took two of the dragons and are heading over to Monsoon to investigate," She reports swiftly. "They'll find Ayane and the others. They—they'll get here in time." Her hand trembles as does her voice as she reaches to help stop the flow of blood on Dom's stomach. "They will, Dominique."

Nya and I share nervous glances with each other. I can tell that she also felt that Cole and the others should've been back by now. If the dragons hadn't shown up, who knows how long we would've lasted?

Just then, deep guttural voices growl overhead. "Monsoon? Is there supposed to be a human rookery near here?" One of the dragons question, but I don't bother to look up. My focus remains on Dominique. "Zoxsom, Tengri, did you see anything?"

"No." One dragon responds, the voice sounding vaguely remember.

"Negative, Alphadrake Tetra." Another sounds, but this voice is just as new as the one who asked the question. "I saw nothing but a deep cavernous wound in the earth amidst the damp vegetation and wetlands…no human rookery. Although, that is not to discount the amass of humans gathered along the outskirts of the wound."

The dragons continue to converse among themselves above us, but I tune them out.

Dominique blinks sleepily as Nya wipes some of the blood from her chin. "D-Dusk…?"

"Dusk is still alive, Dominique."

I give a start and look up to see Ebony kneeling down beside Nya, the injured and shaking fox kit wrapped up in her scarf and cradled gently in her arms. She had returned to her human form, and asides from some loose debris clinging to her suit and hair, she too looked healthy, but also a bit winded.

"He's hanging on just like you are. So you must be strong." Ane still speaks with that unbreakable strength she confronted Acidicus with. "Prove that you are a survivor."

I put more pressure on the wound—ignoring the white-hot pain that shoots through my arm—as Dominique's body convulses and she emits a few wet coughs. I grit my teeth when I spot more blood trickle from the corner of her mouth.

"Ryadron and Virtozz have just located the other masters." I turn quickly to the one who spoke, my memory now quickly connecting the soft growl to the one that brought me back from my subconscious. A green dragon. He and the other two dragons around us, a white one and a brownish one, are looking down at us from around the Bounty. How they got here or why they came when they did is a complete mystery to me, but again, I can't think about anything else except Dominique. She is by far more important. "They are on their way back now."

"Dom! Did you hear that?!" I yelp excitedly and turn back to her. "They're coming! Ayane's coming! Just hang on for a few more minutes, okay? Just a few more minutes… Dom…?"

I look at her. Her lips are moving slowly, but no words or sounds follow. Beads of sweat dotted her brow, and her eyelids droop so heavily that only slivers of violet are visible. Her complexion is turning ghostly white and waxy, and I rightfully panic.

"Dom?! Dom?!" What is happening?! Is delirium setting in?! Did her wound somehow get infected!? What am I supposed to do!?

"Listen to her, Lloyd!" Ebony suddenly commands harshly. "Her voice may be silent, but she still speaks! Look and listen…"

Hearing my sister, my eyes scour over Dominique's face until they land solely on her subtly moving lips. I focus hard, remembering my training in reading lip movement, and hear Dom's silent words.

"I…I can…hear her… Ayane… I can…hear…her…voice…" Then…nothing. Dominique's lips stop moving…and her body goes limp in my arms.

"Dom…?" My gaze lifts to her eyes…closed. No…No… Anxiety and fear feast greedily on my heart as I call her name again and again without getting a response. Black despair was taking root, and Nya's whimpering stabs viciously at my soul.

I shake my head. "No, you're not…" I quickly put my ear to her chest, praying against fate that I would hear the steady beat of her heart…but I hear nothing… Nothing at all. The tears that I had kept at bay with sheer force of will finally spill down my cheeks and I close my eyes.

I pull her still body closer and hold her tight, absolutely refusing to let go. I tried my best, Dominique. I tried my best to protect you, but I couldn't. I'm sorry I failed you…

I let my mind drift away to a recent memory, a sweet memory that came about during the chaos and bloodshed. One of Dominique and I standing in the Command Room wrapped in each other's arms. I rail against the heavy stench of blood and sweat, and recall the sweet flora scent that had wreathed around me while I held her close and pressed my face into her soft, curly hair: gardenias.

I remember how I relished that moment. And even though the feelings I had felt at the time weren't mine, but Flaragon's love for Aurora, it had felt nice to hold her—it had felt wonderful. But now…

My ear is still pressed firmly against Dominique's chest, and just then, as I listen, I hear a faint *ba-dump* sound, and Nya's soft gasp has me pulling back to peer at Dominique's face.

"Her hair…it's glowing…and Dusk is as well…" Ebony's awed whisper seems far away as I stare transfixed at Dominique's hair. It shines the same lustrous whitish-gold as Ayane's does when she uses her healing powers.

Does this mean…that she unlocked the element of Light inside of her? Did Ayane's voice…do this…?

Pure, comforting warmth emanates from Ayane's body and surges through mine as well. I look down at my right hand, feeling a calm, golden anesthetic engulf the appendage as the bones inside painlessly shift, reconstruct, and mend. I lift and flex my glowing hand experimentally. And it feels absolutely perfect.

Snapping out of my trance, I hurriedly move to lift Dominique's torn shirt to reveal her stomach and breathe a deep sigh of relief at seeing her now healed wound. A long, angry red scar remained in its wake, but not a drop of blood can be seen.

I turn back to Dom's face and smile. Her healthy honey complexion had returned too and although she still slept, she looks refreshed and at peace, and her breathing is blissful and serene.


Ayane and Sasha suddenly drop from the sky and Ayane kneels down near Dom's head. "Oh thank goodness!" She breathes and kisses Dominique's brow. "Praise Amaterasu my prayer reached her!"

Heavy beats of wings buff my hair and more feet land on the deck. All the members of the Nomad Clan are together again.

"Is everyone alright?" Cole asks anxiously, looking more than a little disheveled and stressed.

"Yes, I believe so." Ebony stands up with Dusk still bundled in her arms and faces to address Cole. "The crisis has passed."

Has it? My hold on Dominique tightens as I look at her sleeping face. Dominique almost died because she's here with us! No one was able to protect her! Not even me!

"Lloyd? Are you okay?" Ayane's hand runs soothingly through my hair, but I recoil away from her touch and stand up with Dominique nestled protectively in my arms. I whirl on the others.

"Are you all really this oblivious!?" I yell at them viciously, and everyone falls silent, their eyes wide and focused on me. "Dominique doesn't belong here! Can't you see that?! We tried to protect her, but we failed! I failed!"

Dominique's scream of pain and torment resounds throughout my head and I grit my teeth against the horrid memory. "We need to take her back to Ninjago City, that's where she truly belongs. Safe and away from us!"

"Lloyd…" Ebony eyes me with concern. "I know today must've been frightening for you and for her, but Dominique must decide her own destiny. You do not have any say in the matter."

My eyes narrow at my sister. "Wouldn't you like it if she was gone!?" I challenge. "Then you wouldn't have to worry about her possibly slaughtering your people!" Ebony visibly flinches and I let my words cut deeper. "Or would you have been happier if Dominique actually died today!?"

"Lloyd, how can you say that?!" Ayane shouts from behind me, but my eyes are locked on the dilating pupils of my sister. Hurt and sadness darkens her face, but then her gaze sharpens and I instantly regret what I said at her next words.

"Never…would I wish death…upon Dominique," she says quietly, her voice quivering with barely suppressed emotion. "Never. And if fate is actually cruel enough to pit me against her, and I feel it in my heart to defend my mother and people…then yes, I would fight and ultimately succumb to death beside them. And do you know why, Lloyd?"

I swallow and shake my head. My sister walks towards me. "It is because of what I feel for her now. I am conflicted because of while I do love my mother, I also feel it in my heart that I as well care deeply for Dominique and want to protect her. She is my phoenix. And if she so chooses to remain here, then I will—without hesitation—train her to help her fulfill her destiny."

She brushes passed me and I bow my head in shame. "All I want is for Dominique to be safe, ane. That's all," I admit softly and Ebony's silken tone flows back to me.

"I understand, Lloyd. She is your…"precious Aurora" after all."

My heart thumps hard in my chest. No, that wasn't… That wasn't me…was it…?

I hear Cole sigh tiredly. "Jay, see if you and Nya can get the Bounty up and running again and…plot a course for Ninjago City."

I lift my head and see Cole standing with his arms crossed, his sights directed at me. "When Dominique wakes up, and if she decides that she wants to go back home, then we'll already be on our way."

Jay rubs irritably at his left eye and closes it with a wince, and Nya is right there beside him, lending her shoulder to him for support. "Okay. Got it…" he says. He and Nya start forward, but then Jay calls up to one of the dragons with a wave. "See ya later, Wisp—I mean Virtozz!" And it's the blue one that lifts a large claw and waves back. Soon they too, pass me.

Cole starts talking quietly with Zane, but when my gaze strays over to Kai, I have to gulp out of nervousness at inadvertently locking with his golden, fury-filled eyes. His form practically radiated vehemence…and it's all being directed at me.

Oh crap…

"Here, Lloyd. Give Dominique to me, I'll put her to bed." With some depraved difficulty I manage to avert my eyes from Kai to Sasha as she crouches down before me. I carefully place Dom in Sasha's waiting arms, casting one last look at her sleeping face, and step away. "Ayane, can you get the door?" Sasha asks, and Ayane complies, looking withered and sad.

I watch them leave and move to follow, when a hand suddenly lands heavily on my shoulder. I inwardly and outwardly flinch when the hand squeezes, and judging from the rapid increase of temperature the air around me undergoes, I already know who's behind me.

Oh crap…

I open my mouth to explain myself. "Kai, I really didn't mean to—"

"Whatever, Lloyd." His tone is scathing and I can already guess at the emotional wounds his tongue-lashing is going to cause me in the near future. "You and I are going to have a nice, long talk. Right now. Go."

He pushes me forward and I stumble a bit before righting myself. I lower my eyes to the floor and begin a slow, unhurried walk towards my verbal execution.

My heart clenches when Ebony's hurt face appears in my mind. I'm really sorry, ane…
Power of Aura Chapter 17

What a blast! I absolutely loved writing this and I hoped you enjoyed reading it, everyone! Well, you all voted for the dragons to return, so here they are! I'll be posting some brief bios for them on my profile as well just in case you want to get a closer look at them. A lot has happened here with our heroes and heroines, and the climax to conclude this book will be the next chapter.

It blows my mind to see how many people want "Genesis" reinstated in TaT! I will admit though that it would be a pleasant change of pace. I'll be keeping it up for one more week, so on 4/17 I'll be taking it down and tallying up the votes. If you want your voice heard, then remember to cast your vote!

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In-Depth Ninjago Questionnaire

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How well do you pay attention to what's happening on Ninjago? Take this quiz to find out if you are a stalwart fan! Or if you're just bored...


!) How many Elements are there in the Ninjago universe? 

        A) 12

        B) 23

        C) 20 

        D) 18

2) The First Spinjitzu Master is Sensei Wu and Garmadon's father and he created Ninjago the island, but NOT Ninjago the World.

        A) True

        B) False

        C) Both

        D) Neither

3) How did Kai prove that he could conjure smoke in NinjagoL REBOOT? Thus proving that his match-up against Ash, the Master of Smoke, was more or less one-sided.

        A) By creating a smokescreen to disrupt the evil nindroids' sensory vision

        B) By blowing a smoke ring in the shape of a heart around a girl's face

        C) By creating a cloud of smoke to help him and his fellow Ninja sneak inside Borg's Tower

        D) By farting smoke and making everyone faint

4) How did Sensei Wu betray Sensei Garmadon in the past? (Hint: It was very bad.)

        A) By stealing the sword their father gave Garmadon and claiming it for himself

        B) By kissing Misako despite knowing she was in a relationship with Garmadon

        C) By writing Misako a love letter despite knowing she was in a relationship with Garmadon

        D) By planting the Great Devourer in the bushes outside their monastery home

5) What is Ninjago THE ELEMENTAL TOURNAMENT a parody of?

        A) Bruce Lee's ENTER THE DRAGON
        B) Jackie Chan's RUMBLE IN THE BRONX
        C) Jet Li's HERO

        D) Tony Jaa's THE PROTECTOR

6)  Who was the VICTIM during the Jay, Nya, and Cole love triangle? (Hint: An easy question that a lot of people get wrong.)

        A) Lloyd

        B) Nya

        C) Cole

        D) Jay

7) Who were the two people at FAULT during the Jay, Nya, and Cole love triangle? (Hint: An easy question considering if you got the top one right.)

        A) Jay and Cole

        B) Jay and Nya

        C) Nya and Cole

        D) Nya and NYA

8) Why did the creators decide to "scrap" P.I.X.E.L.? (Hint: This one is just for fun, don't take it seriously. A freebie)

        A) Her character was too ugly and boring
        B) Her character was too monotone and cryptic

        C) Her character was too bland and uninteresting

        D) Her character was too fat. PERIOD.

9) Lloyd undergoes MAJOR character development from season 3 onward.

        A) True

        B) False

10) What dark recurring THEME is constantly broadcast, but subtly obscured throughout the Ninjago seasons? (Hint: If you answered most of these questions correctly, then you already know the answer.)

        A) Regret

        B) Lust

        C) Greed

        D) Betrayal

Those who choose to take this quiz, I will send you the answers via PM. Hope you enjoyed!   

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Greetings and salutations everyone!!
I'm no artist when it comes to drawing, but I love art in general and all it entails. A friend of mine from suggested I come here and post some of my stories about Ninjago, so that's what I'm going to do!!
I think I'll remain anonymous about the details of myself, but that may change in time.
Pleased to meet you everyone!! :D


How is everyone liking the new season of Ninjago so far?
Wed Apr 1, 2015, 1:02 PM


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Happy Birthday!!!
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