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Nya Hayabusa The Kunoichi of Wind (Complete!) by VelvetPersona
Nya Hayabusa The Kunoichi of Wind (Complete!)
My series loosely follows canon. In it Nya is the Kunoichi of Wind. Plus I gave her a surname of my own choosing. It goes without saying though that she is the original property of Lego and Cartoon Network! Excellent work, Yuharachan! 
Dominique Vega The Phoenix Of Prophecy (Complete) by VelvetPersona
Dominique Vega The Phoenix Of Prophecy (Complete)
And here we have the final piece! This took my breath away when I first saw it! Yuharachan is amazing! :excited:
Dominique A Step in the Right Direction by VelvetPersona
Dominique A Step in the Right Direction
This is a major improvement from the last, with touch up added to both Dominique and Dusk. But she accidentally forgot the beauty mark! Whoops! :XD:

In-Depth Ninjago Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 16, 2015, 8:43 PM
Facebook . Official Blog . Twitter . THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER <3 . Services . FAQ . Gallery

How well do you pay attention to what's happening on Ninjago? Take this quiz to find out if you are a stalwart fan! Or if you're just bored...


!) How many Elements are there in the Ninjago universe? 

        A) 12

        B) 23

        C) 20 

        D) 18

2) The First Spinjitzu Master is Sensei Wu and Garmadon's father and he created Ninjago the island, but NOT Ninjago the World.

        A) True

        B) False

        C) Both

        D) Neither

3) How did Kai prove that he could conjure smoke in NinjagoL REBOOT? Thus proving that his match-up against Ash, the Master of Smoke, was more or less one-sided.

        A) By creating a smokescreen to disrupt the evil nindroids' sensory vision

        B) By blowing a smoke ring in the shape of a heart around a girl's face

        C) By creating a cloud of smoke to help him and his fellow Ninja sneak inside Borg's Tower

        D) By farting smoke and making everyone faint

4) How did Sensei Wu betray Sensei Garmadon in the past? (Hint: It was very bad.)

        A) By stealing the sword their father gave Garmadon and claiming it for himself

        B) By kissing Misako despite knowing she was in a relationship with Garmadon

        C) By writing Misako a love letter despite knowing she was in a relationship with Garmadon

        D) By planting the Great Devourer in the bushes outside their monastery home

5) What is Ninjago THE ELEMENTAL TOURNAMENT a parody of?

        A) Bruce Lee's ENTER THE DRAGON
        B) Jackie Chan's RUMBLE IN THE BRONX
        C) Jet Li's HERO

        D) Tony Jaa's THE PROTECTOR

6)  Who was the VICTIM during the Jay, Nya, and Cole love triangle? (Hint: An easy question that a lot of people get wrong.)

        A) Lloyd

        B) Nya

        C) Cole

        D) Jay

7) Who were the two people at FAULT during the Jay, Nya, and Cole love triangle? (Hint: An easy question considering if you got the top one right.)

        A) Jay and Cole

        B) Jay and Nya

        C) Nya and Cole

        D) Nya and NYA

8) Why did the creators decide to "scrap" P.I.X.E.L.? (Hint: This one is just for fun, don't take it seriously. A freebie)

        A) Her character was too ugly and boring
        B) Her character was too monotone and cryptic

        C) Her character was too bland and uninteresting

        D) Her character was too fat. PERIOD.

9) Lloyd undergoes MAJOR character development from season 3 onward.

        A) True

        B) False

10) What dark recurring THEME is constantly broadcast, but subtly obscured throughout the Ninjago seasons? (Hint: If you answered most of these questions correctly, then you already know the answer.)

        A) Regret

        B) Lust

        C) Greed

        D) Betrayal

Those who choose to take this quiz, I will send you the answers via PM. Hope you enjoyed!   

Journal Skin by TwiggyTeeluck
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VelvetPersona's Profile Picture
Greetings and salutations everyone!!
I'm no artist when it comes to drawing, but I love art in general and all it entails. A friend of mine from suggested I come here and post some of my stories about Ninjago, so that's what I'm going to do!!
I think I'll remain anonymous about the details of myself, but that may change in time.
Pleased to meet you everyone!! :D

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