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Ninjago Series Inspirations

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I receive my inspirations from so many different sources, some you may not understand how, but here they are. :)

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Tales of Symphonia OP Stamp by linkhero55 ToS - Kratos Aurion Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest ToS - Lloyd Irving Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest ToS - Genius Sage Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest ToS - Zelos Wilder Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest Stamp - Naruto x Hinata 01 by MiaKa-CiD Quatre Winner Stamp by SweetyTeety Gundam Wing - WuFei by phoenixtsukino Trowa Barton Stamp by SweetyTeety Gundam Wing - Duo Maxwell by phoenixtsukino Duo Maxwell Stamp by SweetyTeety Gundam Wing Animated Stamp 001 by hanakt Escaflowne Animated Stamp 004 by hanakt Escaflowne Animated Stamp 001 by hanakt vision of escaflowne stamp by AngelicHeart Yu-Gi-Oh: Atem by st-stamps YGO - Card Slinger - Ver. 2 by DuelistoftheRose King of Games Stamp II by Lorainneh Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Stamp by Blackie0275 Dynasty Warriors:: Jin Stamp by DancesWithFoxes Dynasty Warriors:: Shu Stamp by DancesWithFoxes Dynasty Warriors:: Wei stamp by DancesWithFoxes Dynasty Warriors:: Wu Stamp by DancesWithFoxes Sonic Stamp by CriWolfy Sonic Generations Loading Stamp by Dbzbabe Wolf's Rain Stamp: Blue by LaVieDeWolfie Wolfs Rain Stamp First Kill by googlememan Wolf's Rain Stamp by thistlesis Cole: Ninja of Earth by ViaReweaving Zane: Ninja of Ice by ViaReweaving Kai: Ninja of Fire by ViaReweaving Jay: Ninja of Lightning by ViaReweaving

Key Locations in Ninjago along with Chosen Themes

Some of the locations are actual locations in Ninjago while others are strictly fictional. The themes that I have chosen for these places are for my own enjoyment and inspiration and belong to their respected creators. Please enjoy!!

Sasha's hometown: Poseidonia… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 7 ost Costa De Sol

Kai and Nya's hometown: Ignacia *real location*… starting from 0:55 and loops (couldn't find the title of said song)

Jay's home in the Sea of Sand *real location*… or if link doesn't work Ratchet and Clank 2 ost Tabora Mining Area

Cole's hometown: Temblor… or if link doesn't work Assasin's Creed 2 ost Home in Florence

Ebony's hometown: Twilight City… or if link doesn't work Kingdom Hearts 2 ost Sacred Moon

Zane's birthplace: laboratory (located in Birchwood Forest east of Malcalania Forest)… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 8 ost Find your Way

Dominique's hometown: Ninjago City *actual location*… or if link doesn't work Kingdom Hearts ost Traverse Town

Ayane's hometown: Shika… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 10 ost Servants of the Mountain

The Destiny's Bounty:… or if link doesn't work Ninja Gaiden ost Monastery Destroyed

The Forest of Ramza:… or if link doesn't work Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Forest Temple

Music is one of my most inspirational sources to go to for my fanfiction. I hope you've enjoyed these fine tunes and I'll probably add a few more down the line once more locations are revealed. :D

Journal History


Ninjago New Season and Concept RANT!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 1:46 PM

Okay, I have to get this off my chest because it's beginning to boil up inside me and if I don't seek an outlet soon then I'll spontaneously combust! I'm not going to lie, I consider myself an avid Ninjago fan despite being in my college years and I was genuinely excited about the upcoming season.  In my spare time, (if I wasn't working on stories) I would brush-up on canon characteristics and personas by watching past episodes and by reading the comic book adaptations which are AWESOME BY THE WAY! 

Anyway, I have to say...I was really disappointed  when the first two episodes premiered. You can tell that this new season is purely a "money-grabber" and promotion inducer.  The creators obviously didn't care about the plot, the characters, the premise, NOTHING! Nothing about this new season is original. It has literally been stripped of it's former glory! Let me break it down to you...

Think back to the way season 2 ended. It was completely open-ended, which means they had plenty to work with to create a decent plot for the next season. Tell me why, OH WHY?! Did they go from Japanese/Chinese folklore to freakin' ROBOTECH MACROSS!? Why would you drastically change the premise like that? Yes, I get it Lego/Cartoon Network! Your specialty is robotics and building, yes I get it! BUT, why would you attempt to fix what's not broken?! Why would you flip a totally fantastic, workable premise for something that's already been done 100 times over? Why would you want to copy TMNT's greatest mistake? WHY!?

Speaking of copying or shall I say the lack of originality, did you guys know that Ninjago: Rebooted is a rip-off of like 5 different shows and/or movies? Let me explain:

1) Why is the Overlord a virus now? (MEGAMAN X!!)
2) Hacking to defeat an enemy? (The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest or more suitably Reboot! Yes there is a show called Reboot!)
3) Enemy robot/android army? (Oh pick anything, but again most suitable is definitely I, Robot)
4) Crappy love triangle that makes NO SENSE! (Twilight! Yes, I went there! Whatcha gone do!?)

Now, I'm going to stop here for a sec to talk about this stupidity thoroughly. *Deep breath*....

Nothing in the previous seasons dictated that Cole and Nya could even be a possibility. Cole didn't give a lick about Jay and Nya's relationship. He was happy for them not jealous. Listen to the dialogue in Once Bitten Twice Shy. Cole said, "Let's leave the two lovebirds alone..." "Wow, I wish I had a cool sister like you..." and the many episodes after that. All he's ever been was supportive and Nya showed no interest in Cole either. Now here's the dead ringer, you as a beloved viewer have probably seen the show millions of times. Here's what the writers wanted to make clear for all viewers. Check out the scenes beginning from the pilot episodes beyond to the end. Who out of the Ninja took the very first interest in girls romantically? Jay. Now, every single scene where Jay is featured with Nya the writers gave them dialogue to portray an inkling of romance to the viewers, did they not? Yes, they did. Every. Single. Scene. It was so blatantly obvious that the two of them would end up together because that's what the writers intended. The close-ups, the space between the two figures, the blushing and stuttering, all of those moments! A visually-impaired person just listening to the dialogue could tell. It was just that wonderfully direct. Now at the end of the last season you feel good, right? The battle is won, peace is in the air, and Jay and Nya are together just the way the writers wanted and you wanted too, right? Right. Okay then, new season comes out and this is what they show...Jay, Nya, and Cole! Let's make a random love triangle to bring about internal conflict within the Ninja! Why? Because I like unnecessary drama!...Idiots...

Okay, it's pretty damn obvious that no woman wrote the script. Because look what they did to Misako! I'm a girl and I hate her! Is nobody seeing the insufferable pattern?! They are turning Nya into a bitch! Guys, wake up! This is not empowering women, this is degradation! It's disgraceful! Stop it! Get some women in your boardroom meetings, PLEASE!  
And what makes it so bad and so sad is that young girls are all for this because they don't see the underlining negativity that emits from this carefully camouflaged concept. It's not a good thing to be in a love-triangle! It's not a good thing to have and show feelings for your husband's brother and play with his heart! It's not a good thing to be a bitch! IT'S NOT! Who in the hell would want to be in or CONDONE something like that! The general audiences are children and family! With every lead female character it's like they're portraying 'How to be a SKANK in 6 episodes or Less!' MY GAWD!!

Okay,  I would personally be more accepting of this whole "love-triangle" thing if they followed more realistic rules:

1) Specified time (How long has it been?! They don't specify NOTHING! Which leaves you to only guess how much time has elapsed! Unless I missed a piece of dialogue)
2) Relationship downfalls/shortcomings (Realistically, wouldn't you be thinking 'what happened?' between Jay and Nya for the latter to even see if she can find someone else? Again randomness!)

Let me go a step further, why Cole? Why not Zane? This is what I think happened...LOTTERY! It was purely luck of the draw! They tossed everybody's name into a hat (excluding Kai of course because that's nasty incest) and picked a name for Nya to have wishy-washy feelings for in competition for Jay. And don't even get me started on the whole damn "Perfect Match Machine"! Why!? WHY?! WHY!? IT'S A MACHINE DUMB-ASSES! AND YOU CREATED IT GENIUS WHICH MEANS ITS GOING TO BE FLAWED!! I couldn't get through that episode hell I turned the channel.  Yeah, yeah Zane and P.I.X.A.L that's so typical...By the way, am I the only one who thinks she's very scary-lookin? Geez....that's a Lego nightmare....
Tell me the truth, everyone. Please tell me the truth. Does this appeal to you? Does it make sense to you? After all you've seen in the previous seasons would this scenario seem logical in your mind? Better yet, lets say YOU are the one in charge of writing a brand new plot for the upcoming season. You are brand new to the company and this is your first important assignment. Your boss tells you to go watch the show carefully because the next season is going to be a direct sequel. And you do. Now, after watching you see two characters are together. It took a while to establish a relationship, but you saw it and how it was just BEGINNING. Would it even cross your mind as a writer to split apart a new POTENTIALLY FRUITFUL relationship and place the female with a new brother and work a plot through that? Wouldn't it not be more beneficial and LOGICAL to bulid upon the foundation that had already been set in front of you and established in the show? Given the material, you have a crap load to work off of! You don't need to break up Jay and Nya for something purely random. It was just beginning and their love was evident! Also, think about character development. It would be a HUGE step backward not only for Nya but for Jay and Cole as well. Oh! The repercussions are too horrific to even think about really. They already downgraded Cole once, why do it again!? Creators can destroy their own characters and they don't seem to realize it! Or if they do then they obviously don't care or they did it on purpose. Let's move on...I think I just had a mini stroke...bunch of nonsensical illiterates...they need to read Thomas Payne's Common Sense...*grumble grumble*

Oh, despicable me...where was I...? Oh right! Their weapons suck ass! I'm not lyin'! Look at the lack of i
nnovativeness! I didn't like the Elemental Blades to be honest. Why does everybody and their momma wield a sword now!? When they said 'new weapons' I was thinking hell yeah! Upgraded Scythe for Cole, cooler nunchuks for Jay, I miss Zane throwing his shurikens around, and Kai DOUBLE KATANAS BABY!! Please make it happen! But, of course my expectations were too high and we got Ratchet and Clank Plasma Wrench for everybody! I'm serious! Look at the design!...ARGH!! Idiots....

Also, did you guys notice how they're being? I mean sure, they were kinda goofy the previous seasons but at least being a ninja was expressed to a certain extent. Now, they're just is some kinda rut or somethin'. It's too flashy and the choreography is not as fluid as it once was.The creators are recycling old formulas like they're Nintendo. It all seems so purely lazy and 'I want more money' jest. The proof is in front of you. Look at what they are doing. They aired two episodes and the viewers had to wait months for two more episodes. It's all bait and commerce. A very devious ploy unless they're just really REALLY lazy and haven't finished making all the episodes yet. If I remember correctly, for the previous seasons they aired a new episode per week or somethin' like that. 

Anyway, I have a crap load of more to say, but I'd much rather hear from you guys. Have you seen the new episodes? Do you love em' or hate em'? Let me hear your voice. Tell me what you personally think about this...Ninjago: Rebooted.

Pfft! More like VR Troopers-ago: Rebooted! 'Ninja' is in the damn title! Why would you--no, no...never mind...

Please leave a comment and say what's on your mind. ;)

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Greetings and salutations everyone!!
I'm no artist when it comes to drawing, but I love art in general and all it entails. A friend of mine from suggested I come here and post some of my stories about Ninjago, so that's what I'm going to do!!
I think I'll remain anonymous about the details of myself, but that may change in time.
Pleased to meet you everyone!! :D

My niece's birthday is two months away and she said all she wants from me is to write a Ninjago story with the Ninja and Kunoichi being portrayed as animals. She didn't care which one so I decided to let you guys decide. Help me out, please? I will keepin 

2 deviants said Mythical/Fantasy (dragons, griffons, Pegasus, etc.)
1 deviant said Wolves
1 deviant said Kangaroos
No deviants said Dogs
No deviants said Cats
No deviants said Big Cats (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.)
No deviants said Birds of Prey (eagles, hawks, falcons, etc.)
No deviants said Bears
No deviants said Marine life BIG ONLY! (sharks, whales, dolphins, etc.)
No deviants said Reptiles (snakes, crocodiles, alligators, iguanas, etc.)


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I just wanted to let you know about how great of a job you are doing on these stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next chapters!!!! :)
Thank you very much! :D
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