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Ninjago Series Inspirations

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I receive my inspirations from so many different sources, some you may not understand how, but here they are. :)

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Key Locations in Ninjago along with Chosen Themes

Some of the locations are actual locations in Ninjago while others are strictly fictional. The themes that I have chosen for these places are for my own enjoyment and inspiration and belong to their respected creators. Please enjoy!!

Sasha's hometown: Poseidonia… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 7 ost Costa De Sol

Kai and Nya's hometown: Ignacia *real location*… starting from 0:55 and loops (couldn't find the title of said song)

Jay's home in the Sea of Sand *real location*… or if link doesn't work Ratchet and Clank 2 ost Tabora Mining Area

Cole's hometown: Temblor… or if link doesn't work Assasin's Creed 2 ost Home in Florence

Ebony's hometown: Twilight City… or if link doesn't work Kingdom Hearts 2 ost Sacred Moon

Zane's birthplace: laboratory (located in Birchwood Forest east of Malcalania Forest)… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 8 ost Find your Way

Dominique's hometown: Ninjago City *actual location*… or if link doesn't work Kingdom Hearts ost Traverse Town

Ayane's hometown: Shika… or if link doesn't work Final Fantasy 10 ost Servants of the Mountain

The Destiny's Bounty:… or if link doesn't work Ninja Gaiden ost Monastery Destroyed

The Forest of Ramza:… or if link doesn't work Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Forest Temple

Music is one of my most inspirational sources to go to for my fanfiction. I hope you've enjoyed these fine tunes and I'll probably add a few more down the line once more locations are revealed. :D

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Dragons of the Natural Elements!!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 5:50 PM
I decided to do something completely different and make a physical description sheet for each Weyr of the Dragons of the Natural Elements as well as their attributes. A complete Glossary will be posted much later, so without further ado:

The Inferno Weyr

Base Color- Variations of red and orange

Secondary Color or Patterns- Black or gold stripes; black or white underbelly, chest and neck

Eye Color- Varies from yellow, amber, and gold

Body Type- Sleek and muscular with spiky eye ridges  (Females are thinner)

Wings- One pair of dark leather wings, inner flap varies with different types of flame depictions

Manes- Males have flaming manes, while females do not have manes at all

Horns- One set of 2 ft. horns either white or black pointing diagonal back (Females have bangles made of ruby and fire opal decorating theirs)

Tails- Long tail with a point of fire at the tip 

The Earthquake Weyr

Base Color- Variations of brown, dark green, or rarely black

No secondary color or pattern; and underbelly, chest and neck are the same color as their bodies' base color

Eye Color- All Earthquake Weyr have glowing white eyes that help them see in the dark (Thinking about Cole's dragon, Rocky :) (Smile) ), but their true eye color varies from different shades of green or yellow

Body Type- Very hulky, large-bodied with thick necks; very rough and hard scales, back spikes consists of muscle, stone and quartz (Can flatten their spikes when necessary to represent smooth spines). Also, females are a bit shorter, less stocky and more slender.

Wings- Eartquake Weyr have the largest wing span of all the dragons on Avalon. Typical leather wings that match their scale color, but have natural holes in them which prohibits fancy maneuvering when aloft (Again, thinking of Rocky :) (Smile) ). Although they are competent fliers.  

Manes (excluding females)- thick, shagy, long and partially straight, color varies from black to brown. All have vines and moss covering and going through it. Moss stretches from head to neck and running through their back spikes. (provides extra moisture and coolness; prevents dehydration)

Horns- One pair of black 3 ft. horns, one above each eye pointing diagonal up and a single black 1 ft. horn on the snout above the nostrils (Females decorate these horns including the spikes on their tails with bangles made of jade and and chrome diopside)

Tails- Long tail with six 2 ft. spikes stationed near the end

Lightning Weyr

Base Color- Variations of blue

Secondary Color or Patterns- White splinters of color cover their top scales; underbelly, neck and chest are usually either white or silver

Eye Color- Varies from blue, yellow, or very rarely white

Body Type- sleek and muscular like the Inferno Weyr, but they lack the spiky eye ridges (Females are thinner)

Wings- Four leather wings  (The second best fliers of Avalon, can reach unbelievable speeds but again, are seconded by the Tempest Weyr.)

Manes (excluding females)- partially long and thick, color varies from brown, black, or very rarely white

Horns- One pair of white 2 ft. horns that zig-zag upward like lightning bolts (Females decorate their horns with bangles made of sapphire and tourmaline)

Tails- Long tail, nothing special about it

Blizzard Weyr

Base Color- Exclusively white

Secondary Color or Patterns- Underbelly color varies from white, gold, or black

Eye Color- Varies from pure hazel and ice blue

Body Type- somewhat compact and muscular and succeed to be the tallest of all the Dragons of Avalon (with the exception of one male Holy Dragon...). Have tufts of fur that extend from their elbows and their shoulders are aligned with sharply pointed quartz. Are covered in tiny sharp scales (Females are thinner and a little shorter as well as lack the tufts of fur)

Wings- One pair of white leather wings, nothing special about them

Manes (excluding females)- long and straight, color varies from platinum blond, white or even black and seem to shimmer unnaturally like diamonds

Horns- One pair of white or black 2 ft. horns that somewhat spiral upward and back. They always have icicles hanging from them. (Females do NOT decorate their horns)

Tails- Long spiny tails that have a tuft of fur at the end. 



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Greetings and salutations everyone!!
I'm no artist when it comes to drawing, but I love art in general and all it entails. A friend of mine from suggested I come here and post some of my stories about Ninjago, so that's what I'm going to do!!
I think I'll remain anonymous about the details of myself, but that may change in time.
Pleased to meet you everyone!! :D


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